Unearth the Wonders of Paleontology with EDUMAN TOYS' Real Fossil DIG KIT Excavation Set Series!


Today, I want to introduce you to the DIG KIT archaeological excavation set series produced by EDUMAN TOYS, a brand that specializes in creating educational toys for children.

This set of toys is a perfect gift for kids, and it offers many benefits to children who enjoy learning about paleontology and earth science.




One of the main reasons why this set of toys is so popular is that it features real fossils, real gems, and real specimens.



It comes with six different types of toys, hrefeach with its own unique clay block, instruction manual, set of digging tools, and related decorative accessories or display tools.


For example, the shark set comes with a display stand, and the gemstone set comes with accessories such as small necklaces and key chains.




Each box also includes a supporting manual that lists the different fossils, gemstones, and their origins.



This makes it easy for parents to play with their children and teach them new knowledge while having fun.


The main objective of this toy is to simulate real archaeological scenes, and it successfully cultivates children's patience, carefulness, and observation skills.


The whole process of digging out the buried treasures bit by bit is just like real archeology.



The toy provides 3 digging props: digging tool, small brush, and magnifying glass, which children can use to carefully excavate the treasures from the clay blocks.



The clay blocks themselves are made from a combination of 70% laterite and 30% gypsum, which simulates the realistic soil quality of an archaeological site.



The clay blocks also have a very natural smell, without any strange industrial taste or harmful materials that could harm children.



The treasures buried in the mud are all real, including paleontological fossils (sharks, dinosaurs, corals, etc.), gems (amethyst, pink crystal, agate, etc.), and insect specimens (spiny spiders, ladybugs, scorpions).



These treasures are all dug out from the land of Morocco, which is known for its rich fossil resources and is a big exporter of fossils.



The excavation process requires patience and judgment, and children must operate the digging tools very carefully.



They must use the pointy side of the digging tool to break up the clods and the side of the flat head to dig clods and clean up some details.



The small brush is used to sweep dust, and the magnifying glass plays a vital role in the operation judgment of the next few steps.



Once the treasures are dug out, children can collect and make them into ornaments, which gives them a great sense of accomplishment.



Each DIG KIT comes with a whole piece of chiseled brick, a manual, a set of digging tools, and a collection box or accessories.



In conclusion, the EDUMAN TOYS' DIG KIT archaeological excavation set series is an excellent toy for children who want to learn more about paleontology and earth science.



It is a perfect gift for kids, and it offers many benefits, such as simulating real archaeological scenes, cultivating children's patience, carefulness, and observation skills, and providing an interesting learning opportunity.

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