Why are archaeological toy dig kits so popular with kids?


As for the archaeological excavation products in STEM toys, why are they so popular with children, our brand Edumantoys has summarized four reasons for you.

1. Select real fossils, gemstones and specimens

In the eyes of everyone, fossils can only be seen in museums, and DIG KIT archaeological excavation toys, whether it is dinosaur tooth fossils, shark tooth fossils or paleontological fossils, are real fossils formed after tens of millions of years. Most of the fossils in the excavation toys are imported from Morocco. Morocco was once a sea in ancient times, and a large number of paleontological fossils were left after the land was formed. The fossil trade is one of the perennial sustainable income sources for local residents.

2. Simulate mud blocks and archaeological tools for a real excavation experience

This archaeological excavation toy has a strong sense of reality. In order to simulate the hardness of the land in the real environment and give children a more realistic excavation experience, its excavation bricks are made by mixing laterite and gypsum powder in a certain proportion, and the hardness and appearance are the same as the real ones. The clods of the environment are about the same. With archaeological tools such as shovels, brushes, magnifying glasses, etc., shovel the clods little by little and then remove the dust, so that the "treasures" inside will bloom again, and experience the fun of real archaeological treasure digging like an archaeologist!

Because all the "treasures" are hidden under the soil, children do not know their locations, and violent digging can easily scratch fossils and gems. Therefore, children need to be like real archaeologists during the excavation process. , focus on, patiently, and meticulously face each excavation brick, which is very helpful to exercise their patience and concentration, and also makes children cherish the "treasure" dug up more, the kind of happiness and Satisfaction is even stronger!

3. The excavated specimens are convenient for display and collection

Each set of archaeological excavation toys is equipped with a display stand or necklace/keychain accessories (including 925 sterling silver wire and 925 sterling silver receptacle). The gems can be made of sterling silver into necklaces or keychains. The production and display process will be very fulfilling, and the sisters like it very much.

Because they are all real fossils and gems, the "treasures" excavated are very collectible and can be preserved for a long time.

4. While experiencing the fun of mining, you can also conduct popular science

There is also a bilingual knowledge manual in both Chinese and English in the archaeological digging toy set. The knowledge content in the manual is consistent with the theme of each set of excavations. Children can read it carefully and understand the relevant science knowledge before starting archaeological digging. There will be more power.

In addition to popular science knowledge, there is also a tutorial on making gemstone pendants with matching silver threads, which is equivalent to a jewelry handicraft class.

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