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Allowing children to experience a meaningful activity can make them feel very interesting. As an archaeological excavation toy kit, it is very popular with children and makes a great gift. Because this is a wear and tear toy, when we buy mining toy kits again and again, I start to think very strange ideas, so, can I make such a toy kit myself? The answer is yes, so I searched for related blogs on the Internet and started an interesting production process.

We're going to get the recipe ready:
A gypsum body: low-hardness gypsum powder, you need to buy gypsum powder specially used for excavation,
Water: The ratio of gypsum and water is 10:4, and pigment can be added appropriately
Hidden treasures: We can choose dinosaurs, gems, gold coins, cartoon gadgets, etc. according to the hobbies of the children at home, as long as the children especially like it.
Molds: Generally, the molds for homemade soap can be used, and various shapes can be selected to satisfy the curiosity of children.
Other recipes: preferably with weighing and measuring cups

Next we start making:
1. Find a large bowl and spoon, first weigh gypsum powder (usually 200-300g gypsum powder for a car), add an appropriate proportion of water; stir and mix. (If you want a colored block, just add a few drops of food coloring)
2. Gypsum absorbs water quickly, so try not to exceed one minute when stirring;
3. After stirring, pour half of the plaster into the mold, put your favorite treasure, and then pour the remaining plaster;
4. Wait for 40 minutes to demould;
5. Then wrap it in a gift bag to surprise the kids

Bonus tip: The archaeological dig we do is a messy activity, so I recommend doing it outdoors. Since some casts can splash, I recommend wearing goggles. In hindsight, I wish we could have done that. Make sure your child knows how to handle these tools and take precautions. Supervise your child at all times

Homemade Archaeological Dig Kit Toy Fun and educational activity for all ages: Give your child a surprise gift with this kit! This activity is good for hand-eye coordination, creative expression, excellent motor skills, immersive play and confidence. Great gift for birthdays, parties, after school fun, summer projects, Saturday projects and holidays.

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