Unboxing and testing a dinosaur fossil digging toy, a dream toy for children


At the beginning, many children only knew about dinosaurs, ancient giants, from cartoons.


Among the "Peppa Pig" that many children like to watch now, the younger brother George also likes dinosaurs the most.



Many children like dinosaurs. In the eyes of children, dinosaurs are mysterious ancient creatures full of power, and they cannot be seen in zoos.This scarcity makes children feel that dinosaurs are very precious.



But we found that dinosaur-themed toys were also mostly dolls.



So today I will unbox a different dinosaur toy for you.The archaeological excavation of dinosaur fossils makes people feel that this is a very novel toy.



What we unboxed today is the dinosaur fossil archaeological excavation toy!


Open the package and see the tool set for archaeological excavation, which is full of ritual.



Absorbent sponges, hammers, chisels, brushes, spoons.


The dusty dinosaur fossils are in the box on the right.


Rock mud powder comes from Thailand, which is safe, non-toxic and dust-free, and is more suitable for children to dig and play.




i Can't wait to get started!


Excavation~ The small hammer is smashed, and the small chisel is chiseled!



Digging carefully, I don't know where the dinosaur fossils are hidden. . .


wait a moment! It seems that a corner is exposed, so excited! Use a brush to clean it up.




After finding the target, I dug harder and gradually revealed more. Which dinosaur bone is this?


We enlarged the excavation area, and gradually saw that it looked like a rib of a dinosaur.

As the skeletons of the dinosaurs gradually emerged, we became more courageous. We swung a small hammer into a sledgehammer, and some rocks and soil were dug up in large chunks.


Digging patiently, the skills become more and more proficient.


The soil box on the side is getting more and more full, and the dinosaur bones have basically been dug out!


Use the sponge and brush to give the dinosaur skeleton a bath.


The bathed dinosaur skeleton looks extraordinarily bright and lovely.


The next step is to assemble the dinosaur bones. We were surprised to find that the instructions did not teach people how to put together?


Successfully spelled out the dinosaur skeleton!


Dinosaur bones excavated for the first time and installed perfectly successfully!

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