The New STEM Educational Toy For Kids Recommendations

Toys not only bring laughter to children in the process of growing up, but also good toys can give children the opportunity to learn, and learn about society and daily life through toys! So toys play a very important role for children.

Recently, Hong Kong has been promoting STEM education, so many toys have also incorporated STEM elements, so that children can practice their ability to think beyond interdisciplinary thinking early, and at the same time, they can also break down boundaries and cultivate the ability to communicate with different fields.
Check out the following buying guide now to help you choose the best toy for your little one!
1. What is STEM, STEAM?
STEM is the abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and STEAM is the addition of Art. Its core concept is to train logical deduction, problem-solving ability and abandon the old boring learning mode through practical methods!

2. What abilities can STEM toys foster in children?
Problem solving ability
During the game, children should organize their own strategies, assign personnel, analyze and think about the problems encountered in the game, and set the best plan to solve the problem.
Children will invisibly develop a positive attitude to face difficulties, while also improving their problem-solving skills.

a. focus
Some STEM toys require a child's mental effort to solve problems, so concentration is very important.
In addition, some toys require the child's attention to assemble the parts slowly. This process allows the child to concentrate on completing the task.

b. Thinking
In the face of difficulties, in addition to concentration, it is also very important to think about solutions!

Through the process of brainstorming, we should also try to think outside the box to find new methods, so as to cultivate children's ability to criticize, deconstruct and challenge the framework.
The biggest feature of STEM toys is that there is no frame! Let children develop their potential in unlimited possibilities and stimulate their creativity.
Through STEM toys, we can find that there is far more than one way of playing the original toys, and they can always stimulate newer ways of playing.

Different and bright colors printed on the toy can make the child's visual exploration more open, and at the same time, it can also cultivate the child's better concentration and attention.

Challenging toys can keep children fresh in toys, and at the same time can increase children's difficulty in reassembly, a sense of achievement and flexibility in hand muscle control.

When buying toys, pay attention to the size of the toy and the age of the child

Nowadays, many people also like online shopping, but online shopping also has certain risks. If you accidentally buy fake products, it will bring threats to the health of children. It is therefore important to buy safe and non-toxic toys on reliable websites.

4. Types of STEM (STEAM) toys
science toys
All kinds of toys with scientific concepts about weather, space, dinosaurs, and chemistry can be regarded as science toys.
Science experiments, dinosaur series, space and celestial structures, etc. are all very popular with children, and they can easily do small and safe experiments at home, and parents can also accompany them to participate.
science toys
Let children explore the scientific knowledge (Science) in science educational toys, stimulate their curiosity, cultivate the spirit of scientific and technological exploration of primary school students, train children's observation, creative thinking, and entertain.

Tech Toys
The speed of technological development is changing with each passing day, so technological toys also have an amazing development.
Nowadays, many toys of STEM technology are also combined with electronic products, controlling toys through APP, and even providing opportunities for children to write programs.
Combining programming Coding/Programming and DIY self-assembled building blocks to build robotic toys and STEM robot toys, combined with game APP to play games on iOS, Android tablets or mobile phones, let children learn basic programming technology (Technology), engineering in the process of playing games (Engineering) concept.

engineering toys
Construction toys are at the top of the engineering toy line and can help children get a big boost in their imagination.
A toddler building block toy that allows children to develop their creativity and artistic space. Children build blocks or blocks of different shapes and appearances by themselves, from which children can develop observation, concentration, Art & Creativity, and Engineering. of STEM knowledge.

math toys
Almost everything in STEM toys is related to mathematics, or you may not have thought that the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and even calculus, can be applied to toys.
Through three-dimensional children's mathematical educational toys such as building blocks, mathematical educational toys, and different shapes of squares, children can train their brain's thinking development and problem-solving ability, so that children can recognize the concept of mathematics.

Art and creative toys
Children can develop their own creativity and put their wild ideas into practice through STEM toys, not only to cultivate children's hand muscles, collage and assembly training, but also to cultivate children's artistic cells.
Children can develop their own creativity and put their wild ideas into practice through STEM toys, not only to cultivate children's hand muscles, collage and assembly training, but also to cultivate children's artistic cells.

STEM toys are a way for children to get smarter and smarter through hands-on experience. Through these toys, children can train their ability to solve problems, which is very important for future growth!

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