Interest activities and educational toys to do with children.


During vacation and leisure, both parents and children have enough time to rest. It is rare for a family to be together. This is suitable for doing activities with children, and changing the way of learning can help children explore activities. their creativity and imagination
Here are a few things to do with your kids.
Interest activities and educational toys to do with children.

1. Handmade puppets

Handmade puppets are more suitable for children over 4 years old, especially girls are more interested, you can choose fabric art, cut fabric art, draw the puppet to be made, and various accessories, so that children can lead the whole process, and parents can help guide. During the production process, the child's patience can be exercised, and after the production is completed, you can also enjoy the puppets you sew by yourself, which will be very fulfilling.
Children can be guided to understand that it is a sense of achievement to achieve something through their own efforts.

2.The art of painting

We shop this Easter Egg Sponge Painting Kit, a fun and educational craft, this painting kit is made of high quality materials, safe and non-toxic. And compliant with health, safety, and environmental standards, this kit contains 6 soft eggs, 6 colors of paint, 2 brushes, palette and instructions. Encourage your children to use their imaginations and create their own colorful characters to draw, play and enjoy. Kids love these squishy ones! Let children play safely and relieve the pressure of learning. Fluffy eggs have a very interesting function! No matter how you squeeze them, they will return to their original shape. This is an excellent anxiety-relieving surprise gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, holidays or birthdays.

3. Make a cake together

When it comes to cakes, cakes are undoubtedly the children's favorite. Not only can you make delicious food by hands, but you can also enjoy making it yourself, which is the happiest thing for children. If it is an older child, you can use the oven to make a cake embryo together, and a younger child can place the fruit shape by himself to make the cake shape he thinks. Paired with yogurt as a salad dressing, it's delicious and satisfying.

4.Fourth, hand-painted stickers

You can start with a story that is often told to children, chat with the children about the characters in the story and where they are, and then stick it on the white paper with double-sided tape. Well, this is what children enjoy the most, to listen to the stories and images in the eyes of children.

5. Archaeological Excavation Kit Toys

Excavation kit toys are available through this store to explore the wonderful world of archaeology with your kids at home and let them learn about paleontology! You don't know exactly where the dinosaurs are on the block, dig up dinosaur eggs, suddenly encounter a dinosaur, and make your kids feel like they really have a big discovery! This is a very good way to develop and improve their patience, concentration, hands-on ability, etc.

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