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Some time ago, I couldn't help thinking, can I find a model for my brothers and sisters that they can focus on playing for a long time and have fun, at the same time help them improve their abilities, and interact with the old mother less frequently. Toy?

Then I thought of a toy that my friend was experiencing for her child. It is a magical toy that allows the child to play silently by himself, improve his concentration and thinking, and make the old mother lie down on the sofa comfortably. . This is a set of real archaeological excavation toys. After I found it for my brother and brother, the two of them were deeply attracted, because it was so real!

First of all, it is different from other excavation toys on the market. The "treasure" inside is not a plastic model to fool children, but a real specimen of fossils and ore rough stones.
Fossils are imported from Morocco. Morocco was once an ocean in ancient times, and a large number of paleontological fossils were left after the land was formed. Fossil trade is one of the perennial sustainable sources of income for local residents; there are also gemstones and insect specimens, such as in this dinosaur suit. The fossilized dinosaur teeth are also very similar to dinosaur teeth that were tens of millions of years old. There are also real shark teeth fossils in the shark suit. You can see the sharp and sharp shark teeth.

So if you tell your child: Baby, would you like to see what dinosaur teeth looked like after more than 60 million years? This piece of laterite hides these things from dinosaurs, and you need to carefully dig them out like an archaeologist.

In this way, the two of them buried their heads and focused on digging and digging, carefully plowing and cleaning the soil. For fear of damaging the fossils, they could dig for more than half an hour without moving.
I have to say that this toy is really super attractive to children, and it also understands children's careful thinking. It uses real fossils and ores to attract children to work hard step by step; while the laterite blocks with a certain hardness are like Children need to break through the "obstacles" on their way to treasure hunts and work hard to get the "treasures" they want. My brother and brother have dug up dinosaur fossils, but also shark fossils. After digging up sharks, they will dig up gems. Every time they dig out a gem, they are amazed. They cherish it with a unique treasure. The two especially enjoy this process.

Treasures dug up by older brother and younger brother:
In addition to seeing the excitement of the children, I also saw that during this process, the children's attention and concentration were unprecedentedly high, and they were able to tinker with themselves quietly for a long time, to truly experience the work process of archaeologists, and they were willing to pass Accompanying popular science instruction manuals to learn related popular science knowledge. After all, this toy can bring more benefits to children, right? Concentration, attention, hands-on ability, perseverance, and knowledge of popular science are all there.

1.Fossil Excavation Kit
Create a hyper-real mining experience

Speaking of treasure digging games, it is the children's favorite game. Every time they go to the beach, the children always have to keep digging and digging with a small shovel. Every time they dig a small shell, they are happy to ask keep properly.

Today, this set of archaeological excavation toys can be said to let children have a good "digging treasure" addiction. Real fossils and ores, real mud coverage, remove the dust little by little, and let the "treasures" inside bloom again. It's very happy to imagine.

★Real gems/fossils, real treasure hunt fun
Usually take children to visit museums and see various animal fossils or unearthed cultural relics, they will always be curious, after so many years, how did archaeologists excavate them? And seeing the insect specimens is also very magical. Now, children can dig out an animal fossil that has gone through tens of millions by themselves, and they can also dig out a specimen. The joy is beyond doubt. The older brother and younger brother first played the gem set, which contained 10 gems, including amethyst, tiger's eye, red jasper, etc., which were all natural mineral rocks.

The two of them happily washed the gems clean, and watched them earnestly. And the gems dug out can also be used to make a unique pendant with the matching silver holder and sterling silver necklace line. It can also be made into a necklace as a gift or worn by yourself. This is a collection and artistic value that ordinary plastic products on the market cannot achieve. The sense of preciousness, surprise and pride it brings to children is doubled. In addition to the gem set, there are also dinosaur, insect and shark sets. The king of the cerebellum rot family is a dinosaur fan. He usually likes to go to museums to see dinosaur fossils. This time, he dug up the teeth of dinosaurs, and he cherishes them so much. Shark tooth fossil set, there are 3 real shark tooth fossils, namely crow shark tooth fossil, sand tiger shark tooth and megalodon tooth. There are also insect specimen sets, which are spiny spiders, ladybugs and scorpions, each of which is crystal clear and very beautiful.

★Real mining process, let children learn to think, cooperate and persevere
This toy has a strong sense of reality, and after children get it, they naturally enter the role of "archaeologist". Each toy comes complete with a shovel, brush, and magnifying glass, and with these gadgets, kids can start their treasure hunt. After the elder brother and younger brother got it, they started to excavate each person with a "small file".

Facing the mud block, the younger brother first poked the mud block hard, and found that it was too hard, so he dug it at the edge where it was relatively easy to dig.
As for my brother, he felt that it was too difficult to find gems by blindly digging, so he changed his "strategy". He began to scrape on the surface of the mud block, trying to determine where the gem was first and dig in a targeted manner so that he wouldn't spend too much energy elsewhere.

In order to find the gem faster, the two also cooperated consciously. When they saw the edge of the gem, one of them dug carefully, the other swept the soil with a small brush, and then used a magnifying glass to observe the appearance of the gem, and then checked the pattern of the gem on the box to confirm what kind of gem it was.

After my brother observed it, he shouted at me, "Mom, this is real, not fake!" I was so excited that I mixed Chinese and English. The second and third gems have been dug for an hour and a half.

During this process, I saw the perseverance of the children, as well as the good qualities of actively thinking about problems, concentrating for a long time, and willing to put in effort. The key to this process is that the presence of the old mother does not need to be so strong haha. It should be noted that you can spread newspapers under the toy before digging, and the soil generated during the digging process is easier to clean up. Also, if the child finds it difficult to dig, you can sprinkle a little water, and the mud will be much softer.

2. Stimulate children's super patience
Cultivate children's long-term concentration

Many friends are worried that their children's concentration is relatively poor, and it is difficult to find things that interest their children and can make them continue to invest.

When I shared with you about the cultivation of concentration before, I also strongly suggested that you start with the things that your child can persist for a long time, so that the child can have this kind of memory of concentrating on doing things.

The set of archaeological excavation toys recommended today should be something that children are very willing to spend energy and focus on for a long time. After all, the "treasures" inside are super attractive to children.

So why are children able to exercise concentration in this process? This is because the design of this toy is rather special.

★Simulate the real land conditions, the excavation process is long
In order to simulate the soil hardness in the real environment and give children a more realistic excavation experience, the mud blocks of this archaeological excavation toy are made by mixing laterite and gypsum powder in a certain proportion, and the hardness is similar to the soil blocks in the real environment. Digging requires a lot of patience.

The equipped digging tool is a "small file" at one end and a "small shovel" at the other end. It can only handle a limited amount of soil at a time, so although the mud block is not very large, it can be handled with this small tool. It still takes some time for the kids. This kind of clod texture not only makes the children feel that the experience process is cool and real, but also makes the children cherish the "fruits" dug up more, and the feeling of happiness obtained is stronger.

★To avoid the gems being scratched, you need to be careful and patient to dig the gems and hide them in the soil. If you don't know the location of the gems, dig it violently, it is easy to "accidentally hurt" the scratched gems. Therefore, children who pursue perfection and do not want to damage the real fossils and ores, try their best to be patient and handle each treasure carefully when digging.

After watching my brother find the gemstone, I first slowly scraped away the soil to expose the outline of the gemstone surface, and then used a brush to sweep away the surrounding dirt, instructing my brother to be careful and careful, and gently follow the outline of the gemstone to go down a little bit deeper. Digging kits, as carefully as an archaeologist digs for artifacts. It is precisely because these fossils were formed after tens of millions of years, and the gems are also real natural minerals, which makes children very cherished and willing to let go of their impatience and devote themselves to it. Such quality is very important for children. It's so precious. Focus on doing one thing, be patient and careful, and take the things in front of you carefully and seriously.

3. Multi-suite combination, cost-effective

In fact, when we decided to recommend archaeological excavation educational toys, we also compared many other styles on the market, and found that in order to reduce costs, these toys usually use plastic models to replace real fossils and treasures, as well as some toy soils. The blocks are rough to make and shatter with a little tap, not challenging for kids.

So we finally decided that since we want children to exercise concentration, hone patience, understand the principles of perseverance and dedication, we can't "fake children with fakes", so we finally chose these five real archaeological excavation sets. Children bring more surprise experiences.

The 5 toy sets selected this time include dinosaurs dig kits, sharks, insects and gems, and there are sets with individual themes and sets with combined themes. In addition to the gemstone sets, each themed set comes with a display stand, and the gemstones (pack of 3) also come with a sterling silver necklace and necklace pendant, and the gemstone set (10 pieces) comes with a necklace, chain pendant and keychain.

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