Best Dinosaur Egg Archaeological Digging Toys


The dinosaur eggs archaeological digging DIY toy with a quirky and attractive concept. Let the children excavate the product modules with excavation tools, and through the gradual presentation of fossils, diamonds, gems, and pottery pieces, it will bring the children a sense of joy, achievement and desire to dig deeper, so as to experience archaeological excavation and exploration. The fun it brings is conducive to the cultivation of children's curiosity, hands-on ability and patience, and at the same time enriches archaeological knowledge. It is a typical educational toy and exquisite handicraft.

Girls and boys are dinosaur fans, learning in a playful way and expanding their learning knowledge. DIY fossilized dinosaur eggs, simulate the archaeological process, and provide enthusiasts with a more convenient and simulated archaeological experience. You can paint and color according to the children's preferences, give full play to the children's unrestrained imagination, show their brain creativity, let the children experience the fun in the painting process, and enjoy the sense of achievement and joy brought by the finished product. Painted and colored dinosaur eggs make beautiful decorations.

Do-it-yourself archaeological exploration can satisfy children's curiosity. The process of excavation is a process for children to exercise patience and hands-on ability. It is the nature of children to explore and excavate. The research and development of this product is based on this characteristic of children.

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Archaeology is a work that requires patience and care. Archaeologists will use digging tools to slowly remove the soil, and use a soft brush to gently remove the soil. Brush lightly to avoid damaging the unearthed objects. In the process of "digging", it is necessary to grasp the strength, which exercises the "archaeologist"'s hands-on ability, observation ability, comprehensive analysis ability, abstract thinking ability and so on.

The building process tests children's imagination and thinking space ability. Parents can complete it with their children and enjoy parent-child time. Let the children experience the fun of archaeological digging, the surprise when digging out the dinosaurs, and the sense of achievement of assembling the finished product, it is a wonderful experience!

The product material is gypsum/PP, which is non-toxic, tasteless and odorless. Safe material to play with confidence, passed the national SGS certification.

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