What is an excavation kit?


First of all, Edumantoys will introduce what is an excavation kit?
The excavation kit is a consumable educational educational toy that can stimulate children's inspiration and interest in scientific archaeology. The Dig Kit promotes a love of science through collectible specimens and high-quality educational materials (written by teachers). Digging the kit is an experimental process that involves mixing together sand, plaster of paris, and water to create a rectangular brick that can fit into a party favor bag. Kids will love digging bricks to find hidden rocks, gems and dinosaur fossil toys.

What types of excavation kits are there?
Generally divided into excavated gems, meteorites, dinosaur bones, shark teeth, fossils, lightning specimens (fulgurites), meteorites and impact glass (tektites), shark teeth, dinosaur bones, marine life fossils, insects, etc. A series of specimens. You'll also find high-quality authentic specimens that are the perfect addition to any rock and fossil collection!

The benefits of mining kits?
For growing children, it can inspire children's inspiration, improve more knowledge about archaeological science, and learn hands-on ability. In the process of hands-on, there are card knowledge introductions, which can be remembered more. This is a relatively advanced teaching mode that can be said to have many benefits.

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