Explore the educational toy dinosaur dig kit and turn kids into archaeologists!

When I saw this set of dinosaur mining toys, I really felt very innovative. The gameplay is simple, just digging and splicing. It is interesting to go home and test for yourself, and the experience is very rich in the process of playing, which can bring great surprises to children. Parents with little dinosaur fans must often take their children to play in the dinosaur park and go to the museum to learn a lot of dinosaur knowledge. If they can experience an archaeological excavation by themselves, they will not only have a deeper understanding, but also be absolutely excited.

Children are always enthusiastic about things that are full of unknowns and challenges. Dinosaur archaeological excavation toys, children are very fascinated by playing, take the initiative to put down the electronic products in their hands, and be quiet for a long time, which is great for parents.

Dinosaur excavation series, select 5 star dinosaurs familiar to children: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Pterosaur
Although it is a toy, it also follows a rigorous scientific design, and the dinosaur fossils are all scaled down according to the real dinosaur skeleton.

Interesting ★★★★★

But we can first understand these 5 prehistoric creatures

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Diet: meat
Life period: Late Cretaceous
Features: The head is huge, the forelimbs are very short, there are two fingers, the hind limbs and tail are very thick, there are banana-shaped teeth in the mouth, and the bite force is super strong. It is also one of the latest extinct dinosaurs.


Diet: Plant food
Life period: Late Cretaceous
Features: The three horns on the head and the bone shield on the neck are the biggest features of Triceratops. It was one of the last dinosaurs to appear


Diet: Plant food
Period of Life: Mid Jurassic
Features: Stegosaurus has a small head, an arch-shaped body, two rows of bone plates on its back, and four bone spurs on its tail.


Diet: meat
Life period: Late Cretaceous
Features: Velociraptor has a sturdy stature and a slender tail. It is an agile and intelligent dinosaur.


Features: There are many kinds, like birds, with a crown on the head (but pterosaurs are not dinosaurs)

Let's feel it together!
The outer packaging adopts cartoon dinosaur pictures, which is in line with children's preferences.
Out of the box are three digging tools and a piece of drywall.
Digging Tools: A wooden hammer, chisel, brush. The size is suitable for a child to hold. Gypsum board is natural and non-toxic, and dinosaur fossils are hidden in it~

The water flow for about 15 seconds to soak the plaster is to prevent dust during the excavation process and also reduce the difficulty of excavation. Gypsum is highly absorbent and will not loosen or seep after flushing.

Children can start digging from anywhere.

It is recommended that parents place a piece of cardboard under the gypsum board before the child digs, so that the gypsum fragments can be cleaned up later.

If you are worried that the child is too weak to dig, you can fill it with water to soften it at any time, and parents can help the child to do it together.

The gypsum material looks similar to the field, which can be said to highly restore the experience of archaeological excavation.

The traces of the skeleton have already appeared, and even adults seem to understand the surprise of archaeologists' work, and children will have a sense of accomplishment in this process.

Here is a piece of plaster that contains the forelimbs of the dinosaur. The skeleton of the dinosaur is scattered, not excavated or a whole. Parents should remind the baby not to discard the gypsum blocks at will during the excavation process to prevent the loss of part of the skeleton.

Like an archaeologist, use a small brush to remove the dust between the bones.

These are all the dinosaur skeletons that were eventually excavated and cleaned.

Including two skulls, a jawbone, limbs, and vertebrae, it will not cause difficulty that children cannot complete. There is also a crack effect on the skeleton, which can be said to be a very realistic fossil model.

The next step is the manual splicing process. By observing the matching and splicing the corresponding parts, it helps children to recognize the structure of the limbs and accumulate common sense. The variety of toys is also reflected here.

You're done, the complete Triceratops skeleton is very fulfilling. The finished dinosaur mouth can also be opened and closed, which is interesting. It's also very cool to put up. Senior dinosaur fans, even the fossil models should be collected!

Although the toy box is marked as suitable for ages 6 and above, parents can flexibly judge whether they can already participate in the mining game with the help of their parents according to their children's growth and development.

The gameplay can be carried out in the form of a blind box. Parents do not tell the baby what dinosaurs are in it in advance, let them discover the dinosaurs by themselves, actively identify the dinosaurs, mobilize the enthusiasm of the children, and deepen their memory. It can also exercise reverse thinking and improve thinking ability.

Why is this toy worth buying?

Make "destroy" meaningful
Sometimes, children's "destructive behavior" is actually just an exploratory behavior driven by curiosity. Because of their limited ability or lack of experience, the results are skewed and "sabotage" is caused. Give the child a set of dinosaur archaeological toys, tap and tap to release the power, and also satisfy the child's desire to explore.

Open up new ways of playing, toys are not just in the hand
Through tapping, brushing, digging, and assembling, children experience the process of digging and enjoy the fun of discovery. In the hands-on operation, children find problems, think in real time, solve problems, master the skills of quick discovery, and improve their hands-on ability.

Develop focus and patience
Children are lively and active. Give them this interesting dinosaur digging toy. Driven by their interest, they can naturally concentrate on playing for several hours, just to exercise concentration and patience.

Motivate children's curiosity about dinosaurs
Arouse the desire to explore the history, culture and archaeological knowledge of dinosaurs. It is helpful for parents to popularize the natural science education for their children.

Make parent-child interaction more meaningful
If the children at home are dinosaur fans, then this toy is more suitable. During a dinosaur archaeological excavation at home, parents participate in guiding their children to use their hands and brains, while popularizing the knowledge of dinosaurs, so that the games that can not only interact between parents and children, but also teach and entertain are more meaningful.

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