Edumantoys analyzes the innovation of existing STEM toys in the market in three directions

In response to the upsurge of STEM education, STEM toys have also emerged and become one of the important trends in the international toy market. Edumantoys analyzes the innovation of existing STEM toys in the market in three directions.

Programming toy

In the near future, children will live in a world driven by high technology. In the future, human-machine dialogue and information transmission will become more and more abundant. Programming ability will become a necessary ability for children to keep up with the development of the times.

Some STEM-type toys aim to cultivate children's programming ability early, cultivate children's good logical thinking habits in a simple and vivid way, and stimulate curiosity and creativity.

Programming Enlightenment Robot Bee-Bot

The Bee-Bot robot uses the most basic programming principles to teach children this skill. The toy uses a simple arrow pattern to represent the meaning of forward and backward movements. By controlling the physical little bee remote control, or combining with the linkage APP program, you can see the movement of the little bee on the screen.

Programming Card Game - Robot Turtles

Robot Turtles toys are inspired by the Logo programming language. Robot Turtles turns the program's moving turtle into a more lively card game. The toy does not need to be connected to a computer or other electronic equipment, and the rules are very simple. According to the prompts, the child can use the card to write a "program" to make the turtle move.

Science + Art

Some toys that cultivate scientific literacy incorporate more artistic elements such as handicraft and creativity, and new ways of playing that are more open and interactive have also cultivated children's ability to collaborate.

Hummingbird Robotics Kit - Handmade Robots

The Hummingbird Robotics Kit guides children on how to use basic engineering principles to make their own robots. Children can easily complete the construction of the robot by following the instructions in the kit. In addition, Hummingbird Robotics Kit also encourages children to use drawing and manual methods to create unique robots, achieving simultaneous improvement of scientific and artistic abilities.

LittleBits - Creative Electronic Building Blocks

LittleBits is an innovative set of modular electronic building blocks. It packs electronic circuits into sound, light, sense and power modules, and builds various typical electronic models and lifelike creative productions through magnetic attraction, such as guitars, bicycles, discs, robots, etc. Not only children can participate, but technology enthusiasts such as designers, craftsmen, and makers can continuously enrich toy content by uploading and sharing toy kit resources in Github, and stimulate players' greater creative motivation.

engineer toy

Some STEM toys aim to inspire children's physical abilities such as mechanics, electricity, and space. Some develop different engineering toys according to the intellectual characteristics of children of all ages, and gradually enlighten scientific thinking; some begin to combine with life experience, and even get closer to the ability to cultivate professional knowledge. At the same time, toys that are considered boys' toy engineers are also increasingly encouraging the participation of girls.

K'NEX Building Set - Super Builder

K'NEX construction toys subvert the traditional stacking of building blocks, but use a variety of assembly accessories, such as buckles, axles, rubber rings, gear motors, etc., to achieve 360-degree rotation of the structure, children can simply and quickly Build moving 3D models. In addition, each device can control the operation of the device through the computer. Through K'NEX toys, children exercise their observation, logical thinking and spatial imagination while creating complex and highly creative works.

Kiwi Crate - Staged Engineering Toys

Kiwi Crate is a start-up toy company offering ideas and tool ordering services. Kiwi toys are developed by professional experts, and develop plans for children's creativity and hands-on ability at different ages. Let children learn with curiosity and creativity and have fun with science and engineering.

For example, the Kiwi Crate toy package designed for children aged 4-8 includes science, art, games, etc., such as DIY rockets, DIY kites. Tinker Crate packages designed for children aged 9-16+ are a series of mechanical components that guide children to solve mechanical and electrical power problems one by one.

girl engineer

Engineering toys are often seen as exclusive to boys, but some STEM toys are also conveying the theme that girls can be engineers too. In the toy "de-gender" design, both Roomate and GoldieBlox have added an element of hands-on ability and scientific knowledge to girls-based toys.

Roominate makes the play house game "technical", and any household equipment related to electricity in real life can be realized in this doll house, such as moving elevators, luminous lights, rotating fans, etc.

GoldieBlox toys have created a stylish and capable engineer and inventor girl character, she is proficient in all kinds of machinery, and can make all kinds of machinery with ribbons, such as wheels, conveyor belts, etc.

The toy company MGA has launched a set containing four dolls, each of which is equipped with a set of assembleable engineering kits, such as an assembleable skateboard, etc., so that girls can inspire their interest and understanding of engineering during play.

STEM toys transform boring scientific and technological knowledge into interesting games, let them understand the way the world works, the way things are created, the changes that technology brings to life, and cultivate the curiosity, logical thinking, judgment, creativity and aesthetics of contemporary geeks fun.

From an educational plan to the opening of a new market, this is first of all the requirements for talent training in the era of continuous progress; and then the expectations for the cultivation and development of childhood in order to achieve talent goals. Toys not only play an important role in accompanying children's growth, but also guide their cognitive and thinking abilities, for which toy developers need to have clear goals.

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