Easter is coming, let's paint stones with your children, and improve your children's hands-on ability ! (Additional Tutorial)



painting on stone


Give children a new painting experience


Go out and look for stones with your kids!


stone selection



  1. Shape

Generally flat oval (except for three-dimensional drawing), random size (but too small is not easy to draw, the stone will move) if you find a special shape (such as a heart shape), of course you can also use it.

  1. Skin

The surface should be flat, without too many potholes; it should not be too smooth (note the difference between smooth and flat); otherwise, the color will not be easy to color.




  1. Painting paint

Of course, it is acrylic paint, which is available on certain treasures. Choose the number of colors according to your own painting needs. If you want to be more perfect, you can call out more colors. Generally, use more than 18 colors.

  1. Stone protection fluid

It is divided into brightener and matte agent. Most stones use brightener; because it looks very transparent and watery after brushing with brightener; but it will be a bit reflective when taking pictures; matte agent is to reduce the brightness of the surface of the pattern; matte If it is not a special pattern, it is not recommended.


about tools 


  1. Brush

Generally, if you buy paint online, you will get a complete set of brush tools. There are flat brushes ranging from 1/2 to 1/12 in size, as long as they are soft. There are also hooking pens. You must prepare several more hooking pens, and they are of different types, such as those with long nibs, short ones, those with more hair and less hair, etc., because in the actual operation of drawing stones, use The most common ones are line drawing pens (note that line drawing pens are not necessarily used to draw lines, some details cannot be drawn with flat pens, so we can only use line drawing pens to supplement them). Generally, the brushes we often use are medium and small, small and medium. Numbers are used more often. 

  1. Palette

It is best to have multiple grids, because color matching is a big project. 

  1. Others 

You must use acrylic paint blender for color matching, otherwise, after the paint dries with water, you will watch the color of your beloved stone painting crack.

Drawing skills



  1. Background color


Generally, the coverage of light-colored pigments (yellow, green, pink, etc.) is super poor, so you have to brush it several times after it dries. If you want to get faster results and have enough time, you can also paint a layer of white as a base first, but Be sure to wait until the color is dry before applying it. Regarding where a stone should be grounded with white and where it should be painted directly, it depends on the pattern you want to paint. You can divide it into areas, some places are used as a base, and some places are bare.

  1. Coloring

Try to brush in one direction, especially for large areas, use a large brush dipped in enough paint to brush over at one time, and minimize back brushing (if you do back brushing, try to brush evenly).

  1. Hook the line

Outlining is of course what it feels like to do after you have finished coloring the entire painting. Generally, there are many places that need to be drawn for cartoon characters, but there are very few places for landscapes. It seems very simple to hook the line, but it is a crucial step. The whole pattern will look full and delicate after the line is hooked.

It is best to use a liner pen dipped in black acrylic paint for the hook line. If you use some black marker pen or the like, even if it looks dry, when you finally apply the polish (that is, the stone protection fluid) on the stone, the hooked line will fall off. Black, the hooked part will be spent, and your stone will be spent.


The following editor will teach you some simple color painting

Everyone should study hard~ 

  1. Funny Minions



The little Minions handwork can not only exercise his hands-on ability,

You can also learn yellow and blue color matching in practice~


After the little Minions is painted in yellow and blue,

Draw two circles with white for eyes,

Paint gray paint around the circle~


Finally, draw the mouth and temples with black paint,

The cute little yellow man is ready~


2.Romantic painted stone


No paint? don't worry

You can also make beautiful stone handicrafts with watercolor pens~


The stone is painted black with a black watercolor pen,

Then use colored pens to paint diagonal stripes or dots,

The painted stone is finished~


If you see this raised stone in the middle,

Then quickly pick it up in the middle,

It's so beautiful to draw a heart shape~


3.Little bugs from extraterrestrials



I'm a bug that jumped out of an alien rock!

Often the tentacles are my signal lines~


Stones coated with uniform color paint

Then stick it with glue~


Choose a flat stone and paint it with green paint,

painted eyes with silver paint,

Mouth and eyes painted with black paint~


On other stones, draw various patterns,

Glue two twigs for tentacles

Kids, hurry up and make one


 4.Stone of whimsy


If you see this slender stone by the small river,

must be picked out,

It's perfect for making a bird~


Big stone + small stone, can make a picture

What about a unique "family portrait"~


put stones on paper, combined with painting,

A little girl holding a balloon appeared!


5.Fat seven-star ladybug


Draw the shape of an ice cream with a black pen,

Draw 2 horizontal lines on the side,

Then paint brown paint in the middle~


in the brown part of the middle,

Apply layers of yellow paint,

Pay attention, the paint should be painted deep in the middle and light on both sides~


The white part is painted with orange paint,

Dot some black dots,

Paint the rest with black


Draw the head of the seven-star ladybug with white paint,

Draw two curved lines as tentacles~



Paint a thin layer of white paint under the colored wings,

Fill in some white solid lines in the middle,

The inner wings are finished~


6.Stones are colorful



In fact, just draw some simple lines or dots

Stones can also be beautiful~

Note here,

The innermost dots are drawn the smallest, and the outermost dots are bigger~


The number of layers of dots depends on the size of the black circle~



Since the point is a dot,

So there will be gaps between each layer of points,

Remember to fill it with white paint~


around the outermost blue dot

Click on a circle of white dots, and finally in the middle of two blue dots

Draw yellow rays~


Like the picture above, don't draw full,

Adding some dividing lines can also look good~

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