STEM educational toys that children can't put it down


STEM skills are an essential foundation for success in the modern world. In today’s society, where 47% of jobs are at risk of being replaced by automation and robotics, STEM jobs are showing strong growth. In order to maintain progress in this rapidly changing world, we must equip children with more diverse abilities from an early age and make them more competitive in future challenges.

Many parents have misunderstandings about STEM education toys, thinking that their children are not scientists, why should they receive STEM education. In fact, the purpose of the real science enlightenment STEM education concept is not to cultivate scientists, but to enable children to have scientific thinking from an early age: learn to observe, learn to ask questions, collect and organize information, formulate hypotheses, learn to verify, etc.

In recent years, a variety of science toys centered on STEM education toys have also begun to be favored by parents and even teachers. In addition to keeping kids away from TVs and cell phones, STEM toys have many other benefits, including:

Hand-eye coordination and other motor skills
Cognitive function
Among STEM toys, educational toys in the form of “kits” are unique. They are not only convenient for hands-on experience, but also carry science and technology-related popular science knowledge, as well as the charm of interdisciplinary exploration. Each kit is a collection of fun science projects that inspire children to become creative problem solvers, allowing them to develop scientific thinking in a subtle way.

How do we choose a STEM educational toys?

1. Has a variety of functions

A set of excellent growth kits can not only provide children with limited specific experimental tools, but also provide more diverse and open play methods, so that children can do, design, implement and solve new problems by themselves, which will greatly improve children's understanding of mastery of the method.
Therefore, when purchasing a kit for children, we should consider its interdisciplinary complexity and the gameplay it can provide.

2. Various themes

Many kits now only provide a single experimental toolkit and cannot be used in combination. In this way, if the children are not interested in such topics, they will become idle.
Therefore, when purchasing kit toys, we should try our best to choose kit kit accessories that can be used in combination, and can provide multiple play methods, and even some general tool kits. Of course, we can also choose directly according to the direction of children's interests.

3. Happy and fun

Some kits come with manuals in printed form to enrich the learning experience, such as picture books, videos, etc. When choosing a kit, you can focus on providing these materials and resources, because it can make your child's learning more three-dimensional. Having said so many excellent product kits, still do not know which kit to start with? do not worry!

With EDUMAN's Science and Experimentation Kit, it's now finally possible to learn STEM while playing at home!
These kits integrate the STEAM education concept. According to the "Learning and Development Guide for Children Aged 4-14", they are suitable for the growth needs of children of different ages. The project settings of each kit are progressively set to cultivate children's interests and abilities in an all-round way.

EDUMAN toys owns great manufacturing capability for Educational toys - excavation kits and crafts; Earth science, archaeology, rock, mineral, fossil and dinosaur digging specimens; fun science education for kids.

Many parents want their children to grow up happily, but children are naturally curious. They enjoy exploring things, discovering how certain things are made, and are happy to find something more fun than boring knowledge. If you can let children feel the way of scientific thinking in an engaging way when they are young, for example, Dangdang raccoon wisdom growth kit, children may be more interested in "learning"!


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