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Playing is the best way to stimulate children's various abilities. I will share a great post with you wherever I bring it today



1. Aqua Doodle

No longer have to worry about children drawing everywhere! No longer have to worry about him being bored in the car seat! Fill a pen with tap water and draw a beautiful blueprint~ You can redraw it after it dries, unlimited times.



2. Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy, Green

Now the question is, what should I do if I am so fun to stay in the bathtub? The frog's mouth arches, and all the toys are put in to dry directly, what a thoughtful design!



3. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Fitness Jumping Chair

The most classic jumperoo! This toy is so popular, children can jump, touch, and turn in it, and play for half an hour and enjoy it for half an hour! This price is close to the people...Amazon is really forcing the rhythm of overseas shopping.



4. Fisher-Price Disney Princess Lil' Quad Electric Toy Vehicle for Kids

In fact, for little girls, the most beautiful one is a Barbie Power Wheel. Unfortunately, Amazon has not sold it yet, but this piece of princess is not bad. Very stable, very cool, the most fearful thing is to play in the community, the princess is willing to drive out but not to drive back...then you can follow behind with your shoulders haha!

Parents’ WeChat account: bamaying Insert narration: This is not affordable for all families, but it is very suitable for children’s birthdays. A few friends gather together to buy for the little birthday star. It’s so cool after all.



5. ALEX® Toys - Early Learning Sticker Mosaic Toys

Little Mosaic, the best toy for training concentration. Fight a butterfly, fight a small fish, she fights quietly, you just make a cup of tea and think about words of appreciation.


6. ALEX Toys - Craft, my embroidery toolbox

Think about how proud a child would be today to show off a piece of embroidery that he or she has embroidered! There are wires, safety needles, and cloth inside, let's make some female red! ALEX is the No. 1 brand of creative handicrafts in the United States, with art, science, and nature, and the praises produced are too numerous to enumerate. It is recommended to search for ALEX for multiple selection.



7.4M Volcanic Eruption Kit

Is there a cooler experiment than this? Make your own volcano, and then let the magma ~ burst ~ really burst ~ the most vivid learning kit for nature. The 4M series is also a big name in creativity, art, nature, and science, and is famous for its natural experiments. Absolutely safe, rest assured to play~




8. Diggin Thomas & Friends Readybed Portable Bed

Take your child out for camping, or go to a friend's house to sleep over, there is nothing cuter than taking your own bed to sleep!



9. Umbrella for Kids - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

As long as you like Eric Carle's children, I'm afraid take this and pray for rain every day! The height of the umbrella handle is specially designed for children.




10. Dora the Explorer Amazing Teppanyaki Kitchen

Favorite pretend game! Parents are sitting "ordering", and the "chef" is very busy running in and out. All kinds of services are in place, and all kinds of hospitality are in place. When expressing yummy, the expression must be in place!




11. Melissa & Doug 200-Piece Wooden Building Blocks Playset

The classic model among wooden building blocks, the No. 1 brand of wooden building blocks in the United States, without wooden thorns, you can play with confidence. There are no frame instructions, the best way to let your imagination run wild!



12. Crayola 54-0125 18 Colors Washable Toddler Paints Multicolor 18 Count





13. Hi Ho! Cherry-O Game Disney Mickey Mouse Club Edition

The Disney version of the classic board game HiHo! Cherry-O, the classic version is not available overseas for now. This game is a great toy for learning math, pick one cherry and two cherries, empty the basket, get one eaten by a bird, just learn addition and subtraction!



14. Cra Z Art Cra-Z-Loom Ultimate Collector's Collection Box with 1800 Rubber Bands, 50 Clips, and Alphabet Sticker Sheet


It's really impossible to get tired of playing, little girls! Weaving all kinds of stinking beauty, the dedicated mind is priceless! Taobao has a lot of imitations of this one, but I can't complain about the quality....



15. Hasbro Hasbro 4 Backgammon Game


It's a brain-training logic game, and adults will also find it very fun. Of course, it's normal that you can't play with the children's paper.




16.4M Tuya Robot


The most fun first step of this robot toy is to watch the little boy put it together, and the second fun is to watch those colorful pens draw all kinds of wonderful masterpieces. Buy it for boys who love engineering and art!




17. ALEX Toys - Alex Jr. Tots Art Begins

Everything you can think of about getting started making art! There are 6 kinds of activities to play, with pictures and stickers, all of which can be easily handled by Fauvism and Grace!



18.B. Dr. Doctor Toy Box


Our children's favorite pretend game is to be a doctor! There is another advantage of babies who like to play doctors, that is, they are never afraid of going to the hospital or taking medicine!



19. Learning Resources Super Magnet Lab

For all the knowledge about magnets, the first physics class can be taken at home, and you can learn everything about repulsion and attraction while playing!


20. K'NEX Roller Coaster Supernova Explosion Roller Coaster Building Block Combination

It's really not easy to build a match! It’s really cool after it’s built. It’s nearly one meter high. You can ride two models of roller coasters. Finally, you can really fly with the battery~ It’s said to be suitable for children over 9 years old. Boys who like to play can basically play at the age of six or seven!

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