Do not spend a penny, small stones are the best educational toys for children!


Do not spend a penny, small stones are the best educational toys for children


The simpler the material,

The more it can stimulate children's imagination,

Even if it is an inconspicuous little stone,

Will also keep the kids entertained for an afternoon.

What is the magic here?


As one of the most common materials in nature,

Stones can be found outdoors in minutes.

It has various shapes,

It feels cool to the touch,

Some are fine in texture, some are rough in surface,

It can stimulate the tactile sense of children's hands very well.


Today we're going to play it a new way,

Let small stones become educational toys for children without spending money.


1. Rainbow Stacked Stones


The Rainbow Tower is almost one of the must-have toys for every child when they are young.

In fact, you can do it without spending a penny.

Wouldn't it be more fulfilling to make one yourself with stones?

Look for stones of different sizes with smooth and flat surfaces,

(It is a very fun DIY creation activity for children)

After cleaning, paint the colors of the rainbow separately,

Wait until the paint dries and you're done.

(If the child is still in the stage of throwing things, it is recommended to use it with caution)

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The practice of rainbow stacking stones is very simple,

Apart from the paint, there is almost no extra cost.

While the child is making,

will learn the order of the colors of the rainbow,

And the order of size from large to small.

How to make the stone reach a relative balance without falling down?

It is also a test of the child's concentration and hand-eye coordination.

This homemade toy made of stones,

Is it more refreshing to let children play?





2. Line Puzzle


In early childhood, children rely on various senses to understand the world.

They are naturally curious,

Use ready-made objects for children to explore, touch and feel,

It will help him understand abstract concepts better.

We can draw various types of lines on small stones,

Let the children in the fun process of free assembling,

Deepen your understanding and understanding of the line.



Simple and open gameplay,

Let the children freely combine into various patterns,

Triangular, rectangular, or winding paths...

This is the highest state of playing with toys.

Endow children with endless open possibilities.






3. Stone concentric circles


I wonder if you recognize the following painting?

Concentric circles of different colors are depicted on a group of small squares,

As we can see,

This work is called "Square of Concentric Circles".



It is perhaps the most famous work of the Russian artist Kandinsky.

In fact, this painting is not a complete painting,

It's just a small study of color by the artist.

Inspired by Kandinsky's paintings,

We can move the canvas to small rocks.

Try concentric circles of various colors on the surface of the stone,

Combining and arranging is also a very interesting way to play.

Think about it, how many possibilities will be arranged?




Choose a stone with a smooth surface,

After washing, whitewash the whole with white acrylic paint.

Starting with a big dot in the middle,

Then add multiple colored circles around it,

Encourage your child to use color as much as possible.




Children can practice color mixing and matching on stones,

Create different patterns, try various permutations and combinations,

You can also experience the art of mandala, which gradually expands from the center.




4. Interesting five senses jigsaw puzzle


Draw eyes, eyebrows, nose,

Mouth and ears,

A magical jigsaw puzzle of five senses is completed.

Free combination, free transformation,

See how many different faces these little stones can form?

Isn't it fun?




Clean the small stones, dry them,

Then paint the whole with white acrylic paint,

Draw different facial features on the stone respectively,

only the process of making,

It will make children full of interest.




Freely assemble these small stones,

Is it the face of a cat, or the face of a tiger,

Or a weird face?

Let children experience the fun of free combination,

Create more possibilities.





5. Emotional cognition stone


Recognize the facial expressions of others and understand emotions,

Can help children communicate their feelings and empathize with others.

Parents can draw various common expressions on small stones:

such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear, worry,

Surprised, confused, bored, proud, shy...



If the child cannot express himself well in language,

You can use these pictorial little stones,

Tell your parents about your emotions and feelings,

"I am happy today"

"I'm a little sad today"  …

Communicate and communicate more effectively with parents.





6. City driving map


Children who like to play with cars,

You can make your own driving map,

Paint small stones into various small houses,

Then draw the city's roads, street scenes,

Let artistic creation and situational games be combined ingeniously,

Every child is a city planner,

Create an imaginary city with your own paintbrush,

This kind of play will let children fully experience the fun of creation.



Whitewash the stone as a whole with white acrylic paint



Draw the appearance of the small house according to the shape of the small stone,

Roofs, doors and windows, colored facades...





Draw a road map of the city on black cardboard,

Then place the colorful little houses on the map,

Bring your beloved car,

Interesting scenario game staged myself!





7. Afternoon tea at Little Stone


Children like playing house games the most.

This game is especially suitable for little girls.

Put the small teapot, small cups and small bowls on the table,

Then create various small stones into delicious small cakes,

What a fresh game experience this is!



How can these ugly little rocks be transformed into delicious cakes?

It's okay, Get mommy's nail polish!




Paint the small stones a bright, vibrant color with nail polish.




Brush a layer of white glue on the surface of the stone,

Sprinkle the small sequins and glitter powder made by the children on it,

Wow, the ugly stone has changed a lot,

This is clearly a tempting dessert!



Invite family and friends to come to happy together,

Have a wonderful afternoon tea time!





8. Weather Stone


It's a great way to

Draw colorful meteorological patterns on small stones,

Help kids learn and understand the changing weather.




Make your own small non-woven bag,

It is very convenient to store small weather stones.




For preschool children,

Parents can make weather stones a daily morning routine,

Let these small stones increase the ritual sense of life.

Wake up in the morning and look outside, how is the weather?

Then go to choose the matching stone.

This can help your child decide what to wear.





You can also use the weather stone as a tool for children to tell stories, enriching the scene of the story.




Small stones in nature have so many ways to play,

Are you dazzled?

Transform the ready-made objects in nature,

Not only a wisdom of life,

And let the children gain surprises and fun,

Inspired his rich imagination and creation.

so much fun! Still so meaningful!

Do you still need to spend money to buy educational toys for your children?

Now and the children, go outdoors to pick up small stones!

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